Community Fire Protection

What is it?

Community fire protection in the Northwest Territories is challenging, particularly for smaller communities possessing limited equipment, capacity, and volunteers. A low population base and geographical isolation challenge their ability to develop and sustain quality community fire protection services, equipment, and infrastructure. The cost of creating and maintaining an effective community fire protection service in the north is high and there are few opportunities to share equipment and expertise. The vast majority of services are volunteer-based and considerable on-going training is necessary to establish and maintain adequate resources.

Improvements in community fire protection require a sustained effort and effective collaboration on behalf of all key stakeholders.  MACA works closely with key partners on priority initiatives to help guide efforts and support community governments towards strengthening community fire protection services for NWT residents

What Resources Are Available?

MACA continues to develop new tools and guides to assist community governments and fire departments with fire protection planning efforts.  Additional information can be found by clicking on the resource links at the top left-hand side of the page. 

Where Can My Community Go For Help?

Please contact your Regional Assistant Fire Marshal for more information and assistance with strengthening fire protection in your community.   

Examples of available support:

  • Facilitating a community government presentation
  • Conducting a fire department assessment
  • Establishing & implementing a detailed community action plan
  • Establishing a level of service
  • Developing or updating a fire protection bylaw
  • Developing or updating standard operating procedures
  • Budget planning
  • Resource information
  • Volunteer recruitment & retention
  • Firefighter training
  • Fire department organization and planning
  • Recommended fire protection measures and best practices
  • Development of a local fire prevention & life safety program