About MACA

At the Department of Municipal and Community Affairs (MACA), our vision is to support capable, accountable and self-directed community governments providing a safe, sustainable and healthy environment for community residents.

Our mission is to work with community governments and other partners in supporting community residents as they organize and manage democratic, responsible and accountable community governments.

The Department also safeguards the health and well being of Northwest Territories (NWT) residents by:

  • Promoting sport and recreation;
  • Promoting the development of youth;
  • Ensuring compliance with safety standards;
  • Coordinating emergency services; and
  • Protecting consumer rights.

MACA strives to meet its goals by delivering frontline services to community governments through our headquarters in Yellowknife and our five regional offices. The Department’s functions are as follows:

  • Office of the Fire Marshal: MACA is responsible for delivering several programs relating to fire and life safety as identified in the Fire Prevention Act.
  • Emergency Management : MACA is responsible for NWT emergency preparedness and response activities.
  • Consumer Affairs & Licensing: MACA is responsible for consumer protection,  issues and regulates lottery licences, business licences, real estate agent licences, vendor/direct seller licences, and other licences
  • Sport, RecreationYouth and Volunteerism: MACA supports territorial games, travel assistance, training, coaching programs, volunteer development, and youth issues and programs.
  • Community Governance Support and AdviceFunding Programs and Community Government Resources
  • Training: School of Community Government offers training to community government employees