Be Ready for Emergencies

Be Ready For Emergencies

Be Ready: Stay up-to-date with public safety information

Here’s how to get reliable information before, during, and after emergencies.

Follow local and territorial government updates

Community governments

  • Community governments are primarily responsible for managing emergencies in their community. Search on social media and follow your local government’s pages for local information. 

NWT Alert (Alerts about public safety, weather risks, major emergencies, evacuations, and other threats)

Government of the Northwest Territories (all territory-wide emergency management information)

Government of the Northwest Territories – Environment and Natural Resources (Water levels, risks for flooding in areas outside communities)

NWT Fire (Wildfire updates, reducing wildfire risk, preventing wildfires)

GNWT Department of Infrastructure (Road closures, critical infrastructure)

Northwest Territories Power Corporation (power outages, downed power lines)

Follow local news sources

Information on potential flooding will be distributed to local and territorial radio stations and news outlets.

Stay up-to-date – tune into your local radio station, follow news outlets on Facebook and Twitter. Here are some reliable local news sources: