Be Ready for Emergencies

Be Ready for Emergencies

Emergency Preparedness Week

Flood season typically begins in late April in the NWT. The risk of flooding in communities is highest during spring break-up when ice moves unpredictably through rivers during thaw. Download the Be Ready for Floods Planning Workbook

Emergency Preparedness Week

National Emergency Preparedness Week runs from May 3-9, 2021. This is a time where residents are reminded to consider risks in their area and to reflect on their level of emergency preparedness.

Emergency preparedness is everyone’s responsibility. Wildfires, floods, winter power outages, and critical infrastructure failures are some of the top hazards that residents face in the north. With a little planning, residents are better able to prepare themselves for emergencies.  Pre-planning for an emergency is essential to ensure that residents are aware of the risk, stay connected, have emergency supplies, and have a plan if something goes wrong.

This week the Government of the Northwest Territories is pleased to announce NWT Alert – a public alerting system designed to keep residents and visitors informed of public safety and emergency events. NWT Alert uses a website, a downloadable app and broadcast-intrusive messaging to communicate critical safety information to the public. For information during an emergency, check with your community government and visit


Are you Ready?

For more information on emergency preparedness activities please review the following brochures:

Family Emergency Preparedness

Preparing for Emergencies: Pets

Preparing for Emergencies: Floods


During an emergency, check the GNWT Public Safety Notices webpage at  or for additional information.