Be Ready for Emergencies

Be Ready for Emergencies

Before a severe storm

Have emergency plans and kits in-place

Having an emergency plan and kit for your home or business is an important step to being ready for severe storms.

How to learn about severe storms

NWT Alert is a source for all weather watches, warnings, and advisories in the Northwest Territories. Download the Alertable app or follow the website for the latest information.  

Severe storms will also be reported through local media sources.

Other sources for learning about storms on the horizon include:

Tips for being prepared

  • If a severe storm is forecast, secure everything that might be blown around or torn loose - indoors and outdoors. Flying objects such as garbage cans and lawn furniture can injure people and damage property.
  • Trim dead branches and cut down dead trees to reduce the danger of these falling onto your house during a storm.
  • If you are indoors, stay away from windows, doors and fireplaces.
  • You may want to go to the sheltered area that you and your family chose for your emergency plan.
  • If you are advised by officials to evacuate, do so. Take your emergency kit with you.
  • Never go out in a boat during a storm. If you are on the water and you see bad weather approaching, head for shore immediately. Always check the marine forecast before leaving for a day of boating and listen to weather reports during your cruise.

Tips for specific kinds of storms


  • Avoid going out on-the-land if there is a blizzard in the forecast. Check the forecast before you leave your house.
  • If a blizzard or heavy blowing snow is forecast, you may want to string a lifeline between your house or cabin and any outbuildings to which you may have to go during the storm.
  • Shelter your animals. Generally, if the structure is sound, the animals should be placed indoors. Once they are inside, secure all openings to the outside. Water supplies should be checked for freezing.

Heavy Rain

  • Consider checking the drainage around the house to reduce the possibility of basement flooding after a heavy rain.
  • Be aware of potential flood risks due to the heavy rain coming in your area.

More information about preparing for floods: