Programs and Services

The Office of the Fire Marshal (OFM) is responsible for establishing occupancy loads in assembly spaces & public spaces.
Recognizes the skills knowledge/ experience of employees under the NWT Apprenticeship, Trade and Occupational Certification Act.
An annual award to recognize exemplary volunteerism in the NWT.
Plan review plays a vital role in the GNWT's obligation to protect occupants and property from fire and spread of fire.
In the NWT the responsibility to manage property assessment belongs to Municipal and Community Affairs.
Information and regulations, under the Real Estate Agents’ Licensing Act, governing the real estate industry in the North.
A program designed for staff involved in maintaining and managing recreation facilities in the community.
This Program is designed for Recreation Leaders employed by Community Governments or community organizations.
Funding for sport and recreation organizations and schools to organize and host regional youth sport events in the NWT.
Online training for community governments
A program that helps seniors and people with disabilities pay less property tax.
Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) management is the collection, transport and disposal of waste away from the residential area.
Funding for training events, workshops, and courses, that help meet goals and objectives.
OVA Award Winner giving hank you speech
Allows community governments to promote and encourage community volunteerism through planned community recognition events.
Training and certification to ensure that our communities live in a safe environment.
A guided volunteer experience for NWT youth at major territorial, national and international events.
Funding to assist with the operating costs of youth centres or other community-based facilities in the Northwest Territories (NWT)
This program is geared to people under 25 years of age and is intended for providing specific programs or services to youth.