Youth Centres Initiative

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This program provides financial support to assist with the operating costs of youth centres or other community-based facilities in the Northwest Territories (NWT).

Applicants must provide youth with positive and healthy lifestyle programs.

Available Funding

A maximum of $25,000 is available for each recipient during the fiscal year.

  • Capital or renovation costs over $5,000 are not eligible.
  • If all budgeted funds are not allocated by February 1 of the fiscal year, the remaining funding may be allocated to recipients with previously approved programs.
  • Funding will only be provided for one project in each community unless the Department determines that a second or subsequent program is appropriate because of geography or other reasons.
  • Funding can be used for new initiatives or to top up existing funding being accessed through other sources.


A call for applications will be issued each spring.


Costs related to the operation of programs offered for youth in a designated youth centre or youth facility are eligible, including:

  • Staff costs related to supervising or operating positive youth development programs;
  • Utility or other operating costs, including minor maintenance, for buildings whose primary purpose is related to offering positive and healthy lifestyle programs for Northwest Territories youth under the age of 25 years; and
  • Materials and supplies for positive youth development programs; and
  • Instructor or consultant fees and costs related to positive youth development programs.

How to apply

A call for applications will be issued each spring. 

  • If the community youth centre is operated by an organization other than the Community Government, a letter of support from the Community Government must be included with the application.
  •  Applications received after the deadline will be not considered, unless there are not sufficient suitable applications received by the deadline.
  • For more information please contact: 

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