NWT Youth Corps

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This program provides funding to target non-mainstream, at-risk, and out of school youth under 25 years of age in the Northwest Territories (NWT).

The programs must be designed to improve the outlook and opportunities for youth and help them choose to become healthy, educated people who are able to make responsible personal choices.

Available Funding

  • $500,000 is available for regional-based projects
  • $675,000 is available for territorial based projects


Available year-round


Youth related programs supported through the Youth Corps Program should be targeted at areas of need that are not being met by other Government of the Northwest Territories’ programs and services for youth.

Proposals to the NWT Youth Corps Program must contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the NWT Youth Corps program, namely:

  1. Improve the outlook and opportunities for young people in the NWT.
  2. Help NWT youth to become healthy, educated people who are able to make responsible personal choices.
  3. Target non-mainstream, at-risk and out-of-school NWT youth under 25 years of age.
  4. Be sponsored by an established NWT organization with a proven record of successful social program management.
  5. Commit to and describe the project’s schedule of youth activities.
  6. Provide a detailed budget that allocates no more than 20% of NWT Youth Corps Program funds to overhead, equipment and materials costs.
  7. Be conducted in a safe environment with all necessary precautions, training, and instruction appropriate to that activity.
  8. Not duplicate/displace work which would otherwise be undertaken by existing workers in the sponsoring organization or any other organization, or involve activities resulting in financial gain for any of the parties involved.

How to apply

Proposals meeting the above conditions will be assessed against the following criteria

  • Leadership and Coordination
  • Project Design and Implementation Plan
  • Sponsor Support and Commitment

To apply, contact your regional office or email youth_and_volunteer@gov.nt.ca.


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