Flood recovery


Recovery is the measures taken to repair or restore conditions after a disaster. It involves decisions and actions related to the return of evacuees, rebuilding homes, replacing property, resuming employment, restoring businesses, and repairing and rebuilding infrastructure.

The process may take years. It requires balancing the more immediate need to return a community to normalcy, with the longer-term goal of reducing future vulnerability. Recovery also includes a return of the business of government back to normal, which must be managed in a way that maintains a necessary level of government services, while also assisting impacted communities to adjust to post-disaster realities.

If you were evacuated from your home

  • Make sure you are registered on the evacuee list with your community.
  • Do not return to your property or enter the risk area until safety officials advise it is safe to do so.
  • Document and keep track of all of your expenses; retain receipts, quotes and other related documentation.
  • Contact your insurance company for information on next steps.

Please be aware that if you choose to stay somewhere other than the evacuation accommodations provided by your local authority or the GNWT (if assessed as medically required), your expenses are not refundable.

Register for disaster assistance

Contact information


GNWT Pathfinders are there to guide you through flood recovery. 

  • (867) 874-2193
  • flood@gov.nt.ca
  • Pathfinders in Hay River can now be found in the MACA Office (Court House Building)

Community Governments

For information specific to your community, reach out to your community government.


For residents

For community governments