Disaster Recovery

Insurance and Eligible Claim Categories

Before applying for Disaster Financial Assistance, contact your insurance provider.  Disaster financial assistance is not insurance. You may only apply for Disaster Financial Assistance if:

  1. Insurance will not cover your losses, or
  2. Insurance will only cover part of your losses

While insurance may cover the loss or damage of anything that is insurable, Disaster Financial Assistance is a government-funded program to help with extraordinary costs that can’t be covered by any other funding source. This program was designed to ensure NWT residents can have basic needs met if they are not already being compensated through insurance or another funding source.


  • Residents with insurance will need to work with their insurance providers to arrange for their long-term accommodations during the repair/replacement process.

  • MACA will provide accommodations or displacement allowance to uninsured residents for a limited period while they make their long-term plans.

Items not covered by Disaster Financial Assistance

Disaster Financial Assistance does not cover the following:

  • Damage, loss, depreciation, or deterioration not caused by the disaster
  • Damage outside the area identified
  • Damage or loss that were preventable or insurable at a reasonable cost
  • Costs covered by insurance or any other source of funding
  • Non-essential losses (e.g., jewellery, art, swimming pools, seasonal decorations, sporting goods)
  • Inappropriately stored items
  • Repairs above basic and functional levels (buildings, landscaping, yard structures)
  • Repairs/replacement of recreational properties not being used as the primary residence
  • Repairs or replacement of any vehicles
  • Repairs to recreational trails
  • Costs associated with personal or animal injuries.
  • Insurance deductibles
  • The cost of repairing or replacing a home if it was built in an area after it was known or designated as being disaster-prone (e.g., flood zone).
    • Note: if mitigation measures have taken place, or a flood level exceeded the historic high-water mark, the cost of repairing or replacing a home may be eligible.
  • Property located in an area without appropriate land tenure
  • Loss of income while dealing with a disaster
  • Loan interest

Claim Categories covered by Disaster Financial Assistance

Applications are accepted for the following claim categories:

  1. Displacement allowance for living expenses if you are unable to return to your home and no accommodation is available at an evacuation centre
  2. Damage prevention:
    • Cost of emergency abatement work or actions taken (e.g, rental of equipment to build ditches or embankments, item storage, re-connection fees for power, etc.)
    • Cost of cleanup or disinfection expenses (e.g., waste removal, water pumping, mold removal and mitigation, and contractor fees, equipment rentals and supply purchases, etc.)
  3. Essential content of homes/buildings/infrastructure (e.g., furniture)
  4. Repairing or replacing the structure of homes/buildings/infrastructure (only owners are eligible)
  5. Mitigation enhancements (making changes during repairs to prevent future damages from a disaster, such as building elevation, using water-resistant building materials, installing protective plumbing measures)