Emergency Preparedness

72 hours–is your family prepared? During an emergency, you and your family could be on your own for an extended period of time. Emergency services may not be readily available, as increasing demands are placed on responders. It may take emergency workers some time to get to you as they help those in most critical need.

Springtime, with ice breakup along our river systems, increases the risk of flooding in many of our communities. Summer and warmer temperatures means wildfire season is approaching, increasing the wildfire risk to many more of our communities. Residents are reminded to monitor weather and risk conditions in your area, have an emergency plan in place for you and your family, and take an emergency kit when heading out on the land or enjoying spring and summer activities.

Emergency preparedness is everyone’s responsibility. Stay safe - plan, prepare and be aware!

Below you will find some useful resources to learn more about preparing your family for an emergency and what to do during an emergency.