9-1-1 in the NWT

9-1-1 for Business

Is your business phone ready for 9-1-1?

If your company has a private branch exchange (PBX) phone system, you will need to program the system to allow external calls to 9-1-1.

The changes should be made by your in-house Information Technology (IT) person or by the PBX phone system vendor.

These changes must be made before November 4th, 2019.

What is a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) Phone system?

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, which is a private telephone network used within a company or organization. Employees can use the PBX phone system to communicate within the company or organization and the outside world, using different communication channels. A PBX also allows you to have more phones than physical phone lines. It also provides features like transfers, voicemail, call recording, interactive voice menus.

How can I confirm if I have a PBX phone system?

If you do not know if you have a PBX phone system, ask your phone system vendor to check for you. They will be able to help you ensure that your business phone is 9-1-1 ready. It is your responsibility to ensure employees can dial 9-1-1 using your PBX phone system beginning November 4th!

When does my PBX phone system have to be 9-1-1 ready?

Your business PBX phone system must be made 9-1-1 ready before November 4th, 2019.

Can we test 9-1-1 on our PBX System before November 4th, 2019?

Beginning the week of October 15th, 2019, you will be able to live test 9-1-1 during business hours with Public Safety staff by dialing 9-1-1. A 9-1-1 operator will answer your call. Tell them that you are doing a live test of your business phone to ensure that it is connecting correctly. The operator will provide you with confirmation or further instructions at the end of your call. This test is not mandatory.

If you test before October 15th you should get a recording stating “There is no 9-1-1 service in your area.” This is normal. If you can hear the recording, your PBX has been correctly programmed and no further testing is necessary.

Who can I contact for more information?

If you have questions, please contact your phone system vendor directly.