Drinking Water in the NWT

We know that drinking water is an important issue to Northwest Territories (NWT) residents and we want to clarify and explain how drinking water is made safe. This website includes information about drinking water in the NWT from source water to our tap. We want to provide information to residents that helps them feel confident in the water they drink every day.

Drinking water is strictly regulated in the NWT to ensure it is of good quality and safe for people to drink.  From source water to tap, all levels of government have measures in place to ensure drinking water is safe. These measures include land and water use restrictions in watersheds, drinking water treatment, water quality testing and monitoring, public health inspections, circuit rider training, and water plant operator training and certification. The Public Health Act and Water Supply System Regulations set the standards for drinking water systems. The Act and Regulations adopt the NationalGuidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality as the standard for drinking water quality in the NWT.