Community Search and Rescue

What is it?

The Department of Municipal and Community Affairs may provide contributions to support community organized searches for missing persons.


When a community government determines that there is a need for a search for a missing person(s) before or after the end of a public search, the Deputy Minister of MACA may provide a contribution to support the community organized search when:

  1. The community has consulted with the RCMP and have determined that a public search is not currently underway;
  2. The community government makes an official request to the Deputy Minister to approve a community organized search; and
  3. The Deputy Minister authorizes the community organized.

Eligible Expenses

  1. aircraft charter costs;
  2. the purchase of groceries; and
  3. fuel, lubricants and minor machine parts.

For full details on the Contributions for Community Organized Searches, please review the Policy below