Community Government Hosting Evacuees Grant

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This grant provides financial assistance to community governments that host evacuees who do not go to a designated Evacuation Centre.

Available Funding

Funding is available to community governments who host 10 or more registered evacuees, on the following sliding scale: 

# of registered evacuees

Eligible Grant Amount










Community governments can apply for funding up to 30 days from the date the Evacuation Order is lifted and/or community residents are able to return home. 


Grant funding can be requested by NWT community governments if an evacuation order has been in place for seven days or more.

This funding program is application‐based. To be eligible for the Grant, community governments must provide proof of how long hosting was provided, that those hosted were registered, and demonstrate that they were unable to access other sources of funding to assist with the costs.

This funding is restricted to costs directly related to hosting registered evacuees such as:

  • Overtime costs for community employees providing hosting services (i.e., setting up cots, registration, operating the evacuation centre);
  • Salary for casual staff hired specifically to assist with hosting;
  • Food services established for the evacuation centre;
  • Laundry services established for the evacuation centre;
  • Janitorial services established for the evacuation centre;
  • Security services established for the evacuation centre; and
  • Purchase of essential toiletries (soap, toilet paper) for evacuees.

How to apply

To apply, please fill out an application form. Submit the completed form, along with any supporting documents, to your regional superintendent for your area. 

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If you have questions about the application process, please contact your regional office.