Community Emergency Planning

What is a Community Emergency Plan?

An effective community emergency response is important to ensure the protection of people, property and the environment and the restoration of community operations. To help communities achieve this state of preparedness, MACA has introduced a Community Emergency Response Plan Template that will help Community Governments develop a plan to respond to an emergency. The Template is designed to help create a plan that will define the roles and responsibilities of agencies during an emergency and establish provisions for a timely coordinated response.

Why do we need to update our Community Emergency Plan?

The Emergency Management Act requires all communities in the NWT to have a local emergency management organization, a Local Coordinator and an up-to-date community emergency plan. Municipal and Community Affairs offers a community emergency planning workshop to help communities fulfill these obligations. It develops a clear understanding by community leaders of their roles and responsibilities throughout emergency management activities. Most importantly, it prepares the community for response to emergency situations.

How is the workshop delivered?

The workshop is delivered locally over 2 days by an experienced facilitator who uses an interactive approach involving the use of charts, video, maps etc. The end result is a draft community emergency plan and a clear understanding of emergency management roles and responsibilities and what governance structure is necessary to guide an appropriate response to an emergency situation.

How can I host a workshop for my community?

Contact your Regional MACA superintendent to request a workshop