Children and Youth Resiliency Program

The Department of Municipal and Community Affairs encourages and supports community groups in delivering children and youth programming that focuses on healthy childhood development, physical literacy, resiliency and mental health. The Children and Youth Resiliency Program provides funding to organizations that provide services to people under 25 years of age and children between the ages of 6-12 years of age. Funding for this program is part of the Government of the Northwest Territories Anti-Poverty strategy.

The Children and Youth Resiliency Program will provide $15,000 in funding for each community in the NWT annually. This funding will be available to community governments, school authorities, and children and youth serving organizations. Organizations are encouraged to coordinate applications for funding to maximize benefits for local training and program delivery.

If your project is accepted all funding will be provided up-front upon signing of a contribution agreement, once your program is completed you will be required to provide a report detailing what you used the funds for and how they benefited your community.

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