School of Community Government

The School of Community Government helps community government staff and elected officials develop the skills they need to best serve their communities. The School offers learning opportunities in many aspects of the day-to-day running of community governments and connects staff and council to the training and skill-building they need.

The goals of the School of Community Government include:

  • enhancing the capacity of community governments through governance training
  • enhancing the competencies of community government staff by providing training and development opportunities that meet occupational standards
  • training Northerners for community government positions
  • assisting local staff with the training and development required to advance to more senior level community government positions

Training courses and other learning opportunities are available in the following subject areas:

  • governance
  • public safety, including fire protection
  • recreation, including facilities management and program leadership
  • public works, including water and waste management
  • finance and administration
  • management and supervision
  • general studies

To register for a course, go to or call us at 867 767 9163 or email us at