Community Government Mail Merge

This formatted list of community contact information is intended to be used for mail merge functions. For phone numbers and email addresses see Community Contact List.

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NOTE: This list is updated as changes are reported to the department, all information may not be accurate.
Communitysort descending Official Community Name Mayor/Chief Greeting Mayor/Chief Mayor/Chief First Name Mayor/Chief Last Name SAO/Band Manager SAO/Band Manager Greeting SAO/Band Manager First Name SAO/Band Manager Last Name Community Officer Email Address Community Territory Postal code
Aklavik Hamlet of Aklavik His Worship Mayor Eugene Pascal His Worship Mayor Eugene Pascal Senior Administrative Officer Tom Ng Mr. Tom Ng BOX 88 AKLAVIK Northwest Territories X0E 0A0
Behchokǫ̀ Community Government of Behchokǫ̀ Chief Clifford Daniels Chief Clifford Daniels Senior Administrative Officer Mr. Pushp Seth Mr. Pushp Seth BOX 412 BEHCHOKǪ̀ Northwest Territories X0E 0Y0
Colville Lake Behdzi Ahda First Nation Chief Richard Kochon Chief Richard Kochon Senior Administrative Officer Joseph Kochon Mr. Joseph Kochon BOX 53 COLVILLE LAKE Northwest Territories X0E 1L0
Dettah Yellowknives Dene First Nation (Dettah) Chief Edward Sangris Chief Edward Sangris Chief Executive Officer Lena Black Ms. Lena Black BOX 2514 YELLOWKNIFE Northwest Territories X1A 2P8
Délı̨nę Délı̨nę Got’ı̨nę Government Ɂek'wahtı̨dǝ́ Danny Gaudet Ɂek'wahtı̨dǝ́ Danny Gaudet Chief Executive Officer Paulina Roche Ms. Paulina Roche BOX 156 DÉLĮNĘ Northwest Territories X0E 0G0
Enterprise Hamlet of Enterprise His Worship Mayor Michael St Amour His Worship Michael St Amour St Amour Senior Administrative Officer Blair Porter Mr. Blair Porter 526 ROBIN ROAD ENTERPRISE Northwest Territories X0E 0R1
Fort Good Hope Charter Community of K’asho Got’ine Chief Lucy Jackson Chief Lucy Jackson Senior Administrative Officer Edna Tobac Ms. Edna Tobac BOX 80 FORT GOOD HOPE Northwest Territories X0E 0H0
Fort Liard Hamlet of Fort Liard Her Worship Mayor Genevieve McLeod Her Worship Genevieve McLeod Senior Administrative Officer John McKee Mr. John McKee GENERAL DELIVERY FORT LIARD Northwest Territories X0G 0A0
Fort McPherson Hamlet of Fort McPherson Her Worship Mayor Rebecca Blake Her Worship Mayor Rebecca Blake Senior Administrative Officer Grant Scott Mr. Grant Scott BOX 57 FORT MCPHERSON Northwest Territories X0E 0J0
Fort Providence Hamlet of Fort Providence His Worship Mayor Danny Beaulieu His Worship Mayor Danny Beaulieu Senior Administrative Officer Ms. Susan Christie Ms. Susan Christie BOX 290 FORT PROVIDENCE Northwest Territories X0E 0L0
Fort Resolution Hamlet of Fort Resolution His Worship Mayor Patrick Simon His Worship Mayor Patrick Simon Senior Administrative Officer Bill Buckle Mr. Bill Buckle P O BOX 197 FORT RESOLUTION Northwest Territories X0E 0M0
Fort Simpson Village of Fort Simpson His Worship Mayor Sean Whelly His Worship Sean Whelly Senior Administrative Officer Kevin Corrigan Mr. Kevin Corrigan BOX 438 FORT SIMPSON Northwest Territories X0E 0N0
Fort Smith Town of Fort Smith His Worship Mayor Fred Daniels His Worship Mayor Fred Daniels Senior Administrative Officer Jim Hood Mr. Jim Hood BOX 147 FORT SMITH Northwest Territories X0E 0P0
Gametì Community Government of Gametì Chief Doreen Ann Arrowmaker Chief Doreen Arrowmaker Senior Administrative Officer Sherbaz Muhammad Mr. Sherbaz Muhammad BOX 1 Gametì Northwest Territories X0E 1R0
Hay River Town of Hay River Her Worship Mayor Kandis Jameson Her Worship Mayor Kandis Jameson Senior Administrative Officer Mr. Glenn Smith Mr. Glenn Smith 100-62 Woodland Drive HAY RIVER Northwest Territories X0E 1G1
Inuvik Town of Inuvik His Worship Mayor Clarence Wood His Worship Mayor Clarence Wood Senior Administrative Officer Grant Hood Mr. Grant Hood 2 Firth Street Inuvik Northwest Territories X0E 0T0
Jean Marie River Tthets’éhk’édélı̨ First Nation Chief Noleen Hardisty Chief Noleen Hardisty Senior Administrative Officer Brad Morrissey Mr. Brad Morrissey GENERAL DELIVERY JEAN MARIE RIVER Northwest Territories X0E 0N0
Kakisa Ka'a'gee Tu First Nation Chief Lloyd Chicot Chief Lloyd Chicot Council Manager Ms. Ruby Simba Ms. Ruby Simba BOX 4428 HAY RIVER Northwest Territories X0E 1G4
Kátł’odeeche K'atlodeeche First Nation Chief April Martel Chief April Martel Chief Executive Officer Paul Squires Mr. Paul Squires BOX 3060 HAY RIVER Northwest Territories X0E 1G4
Nahanni Butte Nahanni Butte Dene Band Chief Steve Vital Chief Steve Vital Band Manager Soham Srimani Soham Srimani GENERAL DELIVERY NAHANNI BUTTE Northwest Territories XOE 2N0
Norman Wells Town of Norman Wells His Worship Mayor Frank Pope Hi Worship Mayor Frank Pope Senior Administrative Officer Ms. Cathy Clarke Ms. Cathy Clarke BOX 5 NORMAN WELLS Northwest Territories X0E 0V0
Paulatuk Hamlet of Paulatuk His Worship Mayor Ray Ruben Sr. His Worship Mayor Ray Ruben Sr. Acting Senior Administrative Officer Aaron Ruben Mr. Aaron Ruben BOX 98 PAULATUK Northwest Territories X0E 1N0
Sachs Harbour Hamlet of Sachs Harbour His Worship Mayor Kyle Wolki His Worship Kyle Wolki Senior Administrative Officer Ms. Betty Haogak Ms. Betty Haogak BOX 90 SACHS HARBOUR Northwest Territories X0E 0Z0
Sambaa K’e Sambaa K’e First Nation Chief Dolphus Jumbo Chief Dolphus Jumbo Band Manager Ms. Ruby Jumbo Ms. Ruby Jumbo BOX 10 SAMBAA K'E Northwest Territories X0E 1Z0
Tsiigehtchic Charter Community of Tsiigehtchic Chief Phillip Blake Chief Phillip Blake Senior Administrative Officer Jeff Mercier Mr. Jeff Mercier Box 4 TSIIGEHTCHIC Northwest Territories X0E 0B0
Tuktoyaktuk Hamlet of Tuktoyaktuk His Worship Mayor Erwin Elias His Worship Mayor Erwin Elias Senior Administrative Officer Lucy Kuptana Ms. Lucy Kuptana BOX 120 TUKTOYAKTUK Northwest Territories X0E 1C0
Tulita Hamlet of Tulita His Worship Mayor Douglas Yallee His Worship Mayor Douglas Yallee Senior Administrative Officer Samantha Bayha Ms. Samantha Bayha BOX 91 Tulita Northwest Territories X0E 0K0
Ulukhaktok Hamlet of Ulukhaktok His Worship Mayor Joshua Oliktoak His Worship Mayor Joshua Olikoak Acting Senior Administrative Officer Stephen Conway Mr. Stephen Conway BOX 157 ULUKHAKTOK Northwest Territories X0E 0S0
Wekweètì Community Government of Wekweètì Chief Adeline Football Chief Adeline Football Senior Administrative Officer Fred Behrens Mr. Fred Behrens BOX 69 WEKWEÈTÌ Northwest Territories X0E 1W0
Whatì Community Government of Whatì Chief Alfonz Nitsiza Chief Alfonz Nitsiza Senior Administrative Officer Ms. Lisa Nitsiza Ms. Lisa Nitsiza BOX 71 WHATÌ Northwest Territories X0E 1P0
Wrigley Pehdzeh Ki First Nation Chief Lloyd Moses Chief Maurice Moses Acting Band Manager Kyle Clillie Mr. Kyle Clillie General Delivery WRIGLEY Northwest Territories X0E 1E0
Yellowknife City of Yellowknife Her Worship Mayor Rebecca Alty Her Worship Mayor Rebecca Alty Senior Administrative Officer Sheila Bassi-Kellett Ms. Sheila Bassi-Kellett BOX 580 YELLOWKNIFE Northwest Territories X1A 2N4
Łutselk’e Łutsel K’e Dene First Nation Chief James Marlowe Chief James Marlowe Senior Administrative Officer - VACANT BOX 28 LUTSELK'E Northwest Territories X0E 1A0