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A two-year community-based training program that invests in the recruitment and retention of Local Government Administrators
This training provides the knowledge and practical skills to effectively perform the duties of a Bylaw Enforcement Officer
A program dedicated to Community Government Staff in the occupations dedicated to Community Airports Management and Maintenance
Offers certificate level courses on a part-time basis to prepare participants to perform the responsibilities of a Finance Officer
A program designed for Senior Managers and aspiring managerial staff to manage and administer community government operations.
A program for community government works staff focusing on the skills needed to provide efficient and effective community services
Community Based Training courses offered to enhance both public and professional knowledge and skills in the event of an emergency
Governance Training is offered to Community Councils on request by the School of Community Government
Recognizes the skills knowledge and experience of employees under the NWT Apprenticeship, Trade and Occupational Certification Act
A Program designed for Community Government staff involved in maintaining and managing recreation facilities in the community
This Program is designed for Recreation Leaders employed by Community Governments or community organizations.
The School of Community Government (SCG) is introducing a distance learning approach to training course deliveries.
MACA offers a regular series of webinars on a wide range of topics of interest to community governments.
Water & Waste Management training and certification is important to ensure that our communities live in a safe environment