Programs and Services

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Drinking water is an important issue to NWT residents and we want to clarify and explain how drinking water is made safe
Training, Water Sampling, SOP's, Forms. Log Sheets, Resources for Water Treatment Plant Operators
72 hours–is your family prepared? During an emergency, you and your family could be on your own for an extended period of time.
Fireworks are regulated in the Northwest Territories by the Fire Works Regulations of the Fire Prevention Act.
Community Based Training courses offered to enhance both public and professional knowledge and skills in the event of an emergency
Governance Training is offered to Community Councils on request by the School of Community Government
It encompasses the provision of ambulance service within communities and on adjacent public highways.
The High Performance Athlete Grant Program provides funding for high performance athletes from the Northwest Territories
Community Based Training courses offered to provide an introduction to firefighting training
MACA licenses and regulates charity bingos, Nevada tickets, casinos and raffles under the Lotteries Act in some communities
Resources for the Public, Candidates thinking of running for municipal elections; Elected candidates and Returning Officers
NGO Stabilization Fund is an application based grant program that provides short term support to NGOs
Presented to firefighters and/or community fire departments that have made significant contributions to the NWT Fire Service
Provides an examination of the risks that pose the greatest threat to the people, property, environment and economy of the NWT
Every February, MACA issues an annual notice of the nomination deadline for the NWT Outstanding Volunteer Awards Program
The YAP offers a guided, structured volunteer experience for NWT youth at major territorial, national and international events
NWT Youth Corps supports programs that target non-mainstream, at-risk, and out of school NWT youth under 25 years of age
The Office of the Fire Marshal (OFM) is responsible for establishing occupancy loads in assembly spaces & public spaces