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Volunteer Recognition Funding

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This program provides community governments funding for volunteer recognition events to promote and encourage community volunteerism.

Available Funding

Community governments can apply for contributions up to $1,000 per year for eligible costs related to hosting community recognition events.

Funding under this policy will be provided upon receipt of the following documents within 30 days after the event.


Available year-round


Eligible expenses include:

  • Materials and supplies (gifts/plaques, etc.) having a total value of less than three hundred dollars ($300.00)
  • Rental of venues
  • Food/catering
  • Other expenses may be submitted for approval to the department prior to being incurred

Ineligible expenses include:

  • Core operational funding;
  • Per diems, fees, wages or similar payments to participants;
  • Expenses related to the conduct of fund raising events
  • Cash gifts or gift cards
  • Prizes valued at three hundred dollars ($300.00) or greater.

How to apply

Applications are accepted year round. Each community government may apply for a maximum of $1,000 per application cycle to support the recognition of volunteers.

  1. Applications for funding must include budget estimates that detail all sources of revenue and all expected expenses.
  2. Applications must also include an event design description, event objectives, and the date of the planned event.
  3. Applications must be submitted in accordance with the application form and guidelines provided by the Department.

Applications for events which have already taken place will not be considered.

Only those planned community events which serve to recognize and/or promote community volunteers and/or volunteer organizations are eligible for funding under this policy.

For more information please contact: youth_and_volunteer@gov.nt.ca