Infrastructure, Maintenance and Management Training

What is the purpose of the program?

To train community government works staff.

What are the objectives of the program?

  • To provide community government employees with the skills to provide efficient and effective community works programs and services.
  • To ensure that the community government works area is safely providing services to it’s residents.
  • To allow community employees to do their job safely.
  • To enhance the overall skills of community work employees so that they can more effectively deliver services.

Why should I take the Community Infrastructure, Maintenance and Management program?

  • Upon completion of the Community Infrastructure, Maintenance and Management Programs you will have the skills to serve your community in such essential operations as maintenance of public buildings, roads and mobile equipment.

What do participants receive upon completion?

  • Participants recieve a certificate of completion from the GNWT for each course completed 

When and Where?

  • Training courses are being delivered throughout the Northwest Territories in both regional and community settings.
  • A Bulletin advertising SCG training opportunities, registration details, schedules, dates and locations will be regularly distributed to community staff, organizations and partners that support community governments.