Cleaning up debris


  • Take immediate steps to prevent further damage (if it is safe to do so) such as removing wet materials, setting up fans, drying items that can be dried, removing debris, etc.
  • Take photos and document actions for making a claim for disaster assistance.
  • If insurance is available, contact insurance company.
  • Make repairs that you can afford to undertake.  Again, take photos, document, keep invoices for making a claim for disaster assistance.

Community governments

  • If a community government needs to do flood clean-up, including garbage removal, they should provide for that service and include the cost in their application for assistance.

A community government can hire local contractors and own forces to do this work if community government staff and/or volunteers are not available.

Environmental Contamination Assessment

  • MACA hired a consultant to investigate areas suspected of potential contamination caused by the flooding in Fort Simpson and Jean Marie River.
  • Staff is sharing the findings of this investigation with affected property owners.
  • MACA hired a consultant to remediate (remove) the contamination* from areas where contamination was found and anticipates this work will start in sometime in September 2021.* contamination: concentrations of contaminant of concerns analyzed were found in concentrations above recommended concentration in the Territory, they were above the reference guidelines used in the consultant’s report