Drinking Water in the NWT

Operator Certification and Training

Operator certification in the NWT is mandatory and requires a combination of education, training, and experience. The exact requirements vary depending on the level of certification, and operators are required to be certified to a level matching the classification of the plant they operate. MACA's School of Community Government offers courses in the operation of Small Systems, Class I and Class II water treatment plants. These courses include a certification exam which operators must pass in order to obtain their certification.

Once certified, operators must obtain, document, and submit a minimum of two Continuing Education Credits every two years. These may be obtained by attending classes or conferences, doing online training, doing onsite training through the MACA Circuit Rider program, or other relevant learning opportunities.

MACA’s Circuit Rider program provides onsite training to operators, technical support for communities on water and waste issues, and periodic system reviews to ensure that infrastructure is in good working order.