Programs and Services

9-1-1 is the number you will be able to call in an emergency that will connect you to a trained emergency dispatcher in the NWT.
The NWT Community Government Accountability Framework (AF) defines a way to report on the provision of municipal governance.
A two-year community-based training program that invests in the recruitment and retention of Local Government Administrators
Provides funding to schools and community-based organizations
A boil water advisory is a recommendation made to residents advising them to boil tap water for one minute prior to drinking
MACA issues licenses to Businesses operating on a territorial-wide basis or outside community boundaries through the Act
This training provides the knowledge and practical skills to effectively perform the duties of a Bylaw Enforcement Officer
The Children and Youth Resiliency Program provides funding to organizations that provide services to people under 25 years of age
A program dedicated to Community Government Staff in the occupations dedicated to Community Airports Management and Maintenance
An effective community emergency response is important to ensure the protection of people, property and the environment
Community fire protection in the Northwest Territories is challenging, particularly for smaller communities possessing
Offers certificate level courses on a part-time basis to prepare participants to perform the responsibilities of a Finance Officer
A program designed for Senior Managers and aspiring managerial staff to manage and administer community government operations.
The Northwest Territories has 33 communities that are designated authorities, hamlets, villages or cities located in 5 regions.
A program for community government works staff focusing on the skills needed to provide efficient and effective community services
Municipal and Community Affairs may provide contributions to support community organized searches for missing persons.
MACA’s Consumer Affairs Office deals with the concerns of anyone who buys or uses goods or services in the Northwest Territories
Provides financial support to assist in recovering from a disaster and restoring damaged property to its pre-disaster condition.