Community Government Learning and Development

Customized Workplace Learning Solutions

NWT community governments have unique learning needs. Understanding the learning needs is at the core of finding effective solutions when using a learner-centred approach. In its 2023-2028 Strategic Plan, Community Government Learning and Development (CGLD) presents a shift toward learner-centred solutions. CGLD is transitioning from an over-reliance on traditional classroom delivery to embracing multiple modes of learning.

Customized workplace learning solutions are based on learning needs assessments. These assessments are conducted by working with community governments to explore unique challenges and how learning can support them. From this collection of information, CGLD can identify gaps where learning can help. This process values the input of management and potential learners in creating solutions that best fit the community, alongside CGLD.

While sometimes solutions may still be a traditional classroom course, often the gap can be addressed through mentorship, workshops, peer support, or other non-formal learning initiatives. When solutions fall outside learning and development, CGLD commits to finding and connecting the learner to the appropriate supports.

For more information, contact your regional Learning and Development Advisor.