Advancing Local Government Administrators Program

What is the purpose of the program?

The Advancing Local Government Administrators Program (ALGAP), a two-year commmunity-based training program designed to invest in the recruitment, training, development and retention of Local Government Administrators (LGA).  As success is achieved, opportunities are also provided to northerners interested in senior management-level positions in community governments.

What are the objectives of the program?

Participants will be introduced to management theory, concepts, systems relating to industry standards and best practices. This program follows a blended-delivery model of training that encompasses the following learning experiences: 

  • Completion of a series of courses accessed through classroom delivery (in person and video conferencing), instructor-led distance delivery (Moodle), and the option to access tutor-assisted self-directed learning to challenge course exams.
  • Engagement in extensive hands-on (community-based) practical learning activities that are grouped within 13 core competency areas.
  • On-site guidance and support is provided by an experienced LGA Trainer. 
  • Active attendance in a series of community-based workshops involving the LGA Trainee, LGA Trainer and Council.
  • Active participation and structured networking opportunities through the quarterly LGA Functional Skills workshops.
  • Active participation in a series of professional meetings and conferences relevant to role functionality and community government operations.

Why should I take the program?

If you plan to live and work in your home community and have an interest in the LGA position, this program can provide structured training opportunities to reach this goal. The ALGAP appeals to participants because of its unique and flexible delivery design and it’s built in training supports.  Like the apprenticeship model, participants start the program as paid employees and, over the course of their training plan, progressively develop into the LGA role. Typically, after a two-year training period, the participant transitions into the LGA position in their home community. 

What do participants receive upon completion?

Upon successful completion of all requirements of the program, participants receive a Certificate of Program Completion.

When and Where?

The ALGAP is considered a community-based program and is accessed by participants from their sponsoring communities.  A major part of learning and development occurs in the workplace and in the home community through completion of practical learning activities and through the support of the LGA Trainer to provide relevant and progressive work experience.  The School of Community Government delivers all required courses and workshops through a variety of blended delivery methods.

Training Available

To discuss the details of the two-year Program and its Training Plan, please contact the Program Coordinator.