Northwest Territories Drinking Water Quality Database

Assistant collecting samples in Colville Lake.

Attention: Current Boil Water Advisories
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   Boil Water Advisory - Colville Lake   

A joint project of Stanton Territorial Health Authority and the Government of the NWT departments of Health and Social Services, Municipal and Community Affairs, and Public Works and Services.

The NWT Water Quality Database is updated on a regular basis. If you need more information, please call your regional Environmental Health Officer.

To See the Database

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What is Measured and When?

To see a description of each thing (parameter) measured in our testing, click on the What We Measure button.

The Chief Medical Health Officer has set minimum monitoring requirements for NWT drinking water. The monitoring requirements tell us how often to measure and at what stage in water treatment. To see the monitoring requirements, click on the button When We Measure.

What are the Standards?

The NWT uses water quality standards developed by the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Committee on Drinking Water. To see the summary document, click on the Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines button. For more details and to visit the federal website, go to the Canadian Drinking Water Website.

Drinking Water Documents

GNWT Report on Drinking Water 2010 (published 2011)

GNWT Report on Drinking Water 2009 (published 2010)