Fire Marshal Technical Bulletins




Installation, inspection and repair of fire alarm systems in the Northwest Territories can be completed by any NWT registered journeyman electrician who has successfully completed the fire alarm portion. A special fire alarm installers certificate is not required. Factory trained service persons or authorized technicians who do not hold NWT journeyman electrician certification, must work in conjunction with a qualified NWT registered journeyman electrician, when work on the fire alarm system progresses beyond diagnostics testing at the fire alarm panel.

INSTALLATION of fire alarm systems shall be completed in full compliance with the requirements of CAN/ULC-S524-06 "Standard for the Installation of Fire Alarm Systems" and Section 3.2.4. of the National Building Code of Canada.

INSPECTION AND TESTING of fire alarm systems shall be completed in full compliance with the requirements of CAN/ULC-S537-04 "Standard for the Inspection and Testing of Fire Alarm Systems".

Records of installation, inspection and repair work must be retained. Records shall be kept for a minimum of two years and be available for examination by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (Fire Marshal or designate) upon request.

The CAN/ULC-S524-06 and CAN/ULC-S537-04 standard are available from the Publications Office of Underwriters Laboratories Canada at 7 Crouse Road, Scarborough, Ontario, M1R3A9, Telephone (416) 757-3611, Fax (416) 757-9540.

Effective the date of this Bulletin revision, all persons working on alarm systems will present their credentials to be approved by the Office of the Fire Marshal in advance. A letter from the Manufacturer of that system will meet the burden of proof.

Issue Date: April 15, 1989
Revised Date: July 13, 2011